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TaskuLähetys - Lähempänä ihmistä
PocketBroadcast - A bit closer another human
TaschenSendung - nächer an der andere Menchen

Dec 15, 2020

Amateurlogic.TV did celebrate 15 years of HAM related video shows in October 2020. and HAM College is host by  Tommy Martin, N5ZNO together with George Thomas, W5JDX.  In show had have also co-host as Jim Burrell, N5SPE, Peter Berret, VK3PB and present Emilie Cheap Old Man Diodene, KE5QKR and Mike Morneau, VE3MIC.

In this TaskuLähetys - PocketBroadcast podcast Tommy Martin were interviewed about doing long journey videoshows as hobby.

Special thanks for and HAM College theme musics for George Thomas and Emile Diodene,

CC - Jay Man - OurMusicBox
Teme Salminen 2020 CC NC